Monday, August 17, 2015

Sunday Polo, Concert in the Park, and Cherry Plum Crumb Tart

Cherry Plum Crumb Tart, Cherry Plum Crumb Tart, Cherry Plum Crumb Tart...say that three times!

I'm just about a week late on this one, but it came in handy when I needed to put something together Sunday morning for Sunday evening's Concert in the Park. I had to leave home by noon to make it to the Aloha Sunday polo match with my photography group, so I was up early and scrambling to get this baked. It never would have happened without the sweet tart dough I happened to have left over in the freezer, or the cherries and plums I purchased the day before. I did have to to run out and get almond flour, but then it all came together easily...

I was lazy and pressed the dough into the tart pan, pricked it all over with a fork, and threw it in the freezer while I made the crumb topping. While the tart crust was baking, I made the almond filling, and pitted the cherries and plums. Dorie's recipe is for a cherry tart, but I had some cute little plums and decided to mix the cherries and plums. Because I was in a rush, I didn't even allow the crust to cool. I spread the filling into the crust, pressed the plum halves and cherries into the filling, baked the tart for 40 minutes, sprinkled the crumb topping over the top, baked for another 30 minutes, put it on a rack to cool, and raced out the door to the polo match. When I returned home at 4:30, I wrapped the cooled tart in plastic wrap, threw it in the picnic basket, and raced over to the park!

It was very crumbly, due to the buttery, flaky crust and crumble topping, so I just broke it into rustic shaped pieces and started handing out small plates to those who were sitting around me. I don't know how I managed to escape with a small piece to go with my coffee this morning, but I did! I served it room temperature at the concert, and chilled with my coffee, but I bet it would be perfect served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream as well. This one is a keeper.

 A quick photo taken at the concert...

Cherry Plum Crumb Tart

The Company Men at Coronado Concert in the Park

A few photos from the polo match...


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