Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, My Dooley-Dog

Today is Dooley's 13th birthday. He celebrated with a few close friends, and a Nutter Butter, Peanut Butter, Whipped Cream, and Carob Chip Pie.

I met him when he was less than a week old. I drove up every week to play with him, bond, and watch him grow. He was conceived the day I lost my first Newfoundland, Ashley. We were meant to be.

Dooley spent several years with Brigadoon, my Leonberger, as his big brother. Shortly after Brig died, at age 11, we brought Diver home, hoping to ease the loss of his companion. Dooley had a little brother for just over three years. After losing Diver suddenly, a year ago last August, we decided to give Dooley all our love and attention.

When we are home, he is always close by. He sleeps on the floor by my bedside, is the first to kiss me in the morning, takes the place of my bath mat when I'm in the shower, and is always sprawled out across the kitchen floor when I'm cooking. He is the inspiration for the name of my blog. When I come home from work, I may find him fast asleep on the couch. He chases bunnies during his numerous naps of the day, with paws twitching and legs running in Newfy dreamland. Balls of fur, or cousins, drift throughout the house, only to be captured by the Dyson Animal every few days. He doesn't see or hear very well, but manages to recognize the sound of my car as I pull in the driveway, welcoming me home with his barks. He loves baths and being brushed for hours. His soft snoring awakens me all through the night, but assures me he's close by and content. Sometimes he paces at night, can't find his way in the dark, and slips on the wood floors when he tries to get up. He has slowed down on our walks, but still has a downhill trot. He is our faithful alarm clock and persists in his mile walk to Starbucks every morning, refuses us the luxury of sleeping in on weekends, and demands a continuous supply of Newfy-hugger-duggers, tummy and ear rubs, and morning Nutter Butter cookies. He has a list of over 20 nicknames. He's a rock star about town, stopping traffic and posing for photos at least once a week. He's a gentle, loving boy, and is never aggressive with other dogs. He has complemented my life for 13 years, and I cherish every moment of these bonus years.

Happy Birthday, Newfy-Pie. We love you so much. XXXOOO


Sue Kipp said...

Happy birthday sweet boy! Would love to see a picture of Dooley's face after the whipped cream!

tricia s. said...

What a lovely post. Pets are indeed family, but it is lovely to read how special he is to you. And clearly he is one lucky dog. Happy lucky 13 to Dooley :)

Anonymous said...

Happiest of Birthdays to our Dear Dooley,

Having had the pleasure of his company, while you were away on brief stints, I was left with a memorable impression of his hug-ability. The largesse of his body and soul makes him completely memorable. I've experienced a series of the most substantial hugs I've ever had (even bettered than that of my boyfriends, but Shhhh, on that tidbit). Anyway, I have Dooley in photos with my daughter. He is the most luminous entity in the foreground...how glorious can he be (like a K9 matinee idol!)? What's so cute is that he's humble and just gives you those "eyes!" I am blessed to have encountered his sweetness, and I've smiled, in the darkness, at his Hhrummph, when he kerplunked into the bathtub to cool his tummy. He has never failed to make me grin, and I've been reduced to putty in his paws, with his precious antics. He's one of the best dogs I've ever met, and I am so glad he has been a part of inspiring your blog. Hugs of love to Dooley, and his Sweet Mama! One encourages the best in the other. It's a thing of beauty!

Love to you both,