Gingerbread Competitions

Coronado Gingerbread Competition, 2007, Historic Loma Lane Cottage
San Diego Epilepsy Foundation Gingerbread City Competition 2008 - Brownstones & Batali
San Diego Epilepsy Foundation Gingerbread City Competition 2009 - Fondant the Yellow Brick Road
Highlights from Gingerbread City 2010 - A Night at the Movies
Highlights from Gingerbread City 2011 - Hit a Home Run for Epilepsy
'Tis the Season for Gingerbread City 2012 - Myths & Legends

Holiday and Theme Parties

Coronado Summer Concert in the Park Culinary Challenges
(These posts include featured recipes and some links to recipes)

Summer 2013

Summer 2012
Summer 2011
Summer 2010
 Summer 2009

During the Summer of 2009, we started to incorporate various countries and regions, as well as a few "fun" themes for our weekly Challenges.  Our group continued to grow, and we would often have 20+ people gathered around our gourmet picnic tables. 
Summer 2008
These Concerts in the Park took place prior to There's a Newf in My Soup was launched and I would e-mail our group a recap of the event and include a few photos.  Each week, we used the secret ingredient from the Iron Chef America episode that aired that week.  These posts contain my abbreviated recaps of the concerts, photos, and the menu of what was served.  Unfortunately, the posts do not contain the recipes/links, but are simply included to provide inspiration for an Iron Chef theme party!