Sunday, June 22, 2008

Battle Olive - June 22, 2008

The Chefs came through with another fine array of dishes and spectacular plating.

Susan jumped into the festivities and dazzled us with her Shrimp & Olive Pasta, as evidenced by Max’s standing ovation. Kai’s Three Olive & Feta Pizza, garnished with a Gardenia, was an extraordinary crowd-pleaser, as was the Garanamals’ Summer Collection sported by Hill, Max & Olivia. Brad impressed himself, and us, with a platter of Parmesan Crisps, each layered with Mushroom and Olive Spreads and topped with Roasted Garlic ...however, Brad's dish lost points due his whining about the price tag on the crisps... John’s Gorgonzola-Stuffed, Pancetta-Wrapped Olives were creatively nestled in won-top wrapper cups and topped with a squirt of Pesto...but OMG, give me a gallon of water... Denise’s Marinated Squid Salad, baby tentacles and all, braved by some, was served in individual scallop shells and her Vincent van Gogh, Olive Trees, Olive Oil Cake with Citrus Compote was yet another test run for the budding Dooley’s SeaCakes business.

Sparks continued to avoid the heat of Kitchen Stadium, but found time for a quick rendevous with The Baker, aka Il Fornaio, and presented a beautiful loaf of fresh Olive Bread with ?butter? (don't tell her OLIVE oil and balsamic vinegar would have paired nicely). Mary also offered a refreshing Berry Fruit Salad featuring Chocolate Chunks...Although it was missing the Secret Ingredient, we'll let her slide on this one because our palates needed some cleansing...John, can you say "Salty Pancetta?"

Derrick came out of the cave for his first concert of the season and enjoyed the fresh air (and cold beer from Mr. Coronado’s ice chest). Pammy, exhausted after her Miss Fixx job, dropped her drywall drawers, donned a pretty dress, and made it in time for a taste of everything and a little chill time. We missed some of our regulars and newbies and hope to see everyone on Sunday. Feel free to forward this Invite to others who may care to join us.

This week's Secret Ingredient is Parmesan Reggiano, the most famous of all Italian cheeses. Jump Start performs at 6:00 p.m. Let the Battle Begin!

Denise & John

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