Sunday, June 8, 2008

Battle Rice - June 8, 2008

Thank you to everyone who joined us and participated in a fun and entertaining evening, listening to the Navy Show Band and dining on Iron Chef RICE dishes.

John was awarded the Grand Prize for his rather large Mario Batali Rice Balls. Kerry presented him with some cooking magazines and a collection of pink, Pampered Chef, kitchen gadgets and gloves.

Sparks was very proud of her Rice Krispies Treats, but commented she would have preferred Ghost-Chef Kerry to "drizzle" the dark chocolate over the top... Pammy presented a beautiful dome of Chicken and Rice Salad, enhanced by mint and parsley.

Kai's Butternut Squash Risotto was delicious and colorful. Kerry's Chicken and Rice Salad featured Edamame and other tasty ingredients. Brent and Lenore's Chicken and Rice dish. and their Rice Pudding, showcased fresh apricots from their tree.

Denise's Chocolate Rice Pudding, garnished with with Cherries Jubilee and Whipped Cream, won for presentation, thanks to PF Changs dessert rack and shot glasses.

We also sampled some Sake (unfiltered Nigori, sparkling and "G" ) and enjoyed Susan's and Bob's bottles of red and white wine.

We missed Mike and Ruth Ann, pooped out from a long day of Open Houses and landscaping/tile work, but thank them for sending over the stuffed mushrooms and fruit skewers. We also missed Jack and Sandra. and Brad, who opted for watching the Celtics squash the Lakers. We are still waiting for appearances from various other friends and feel free to invite new foodies!

Now it's on to Battle CORN for a very special Father's Day Concert in the Park. The Kearny Mesa Concert Band is scheduled to perform.

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