Monday, June 1, 2009

Coronado Concerts in the Park: "Challenge Cherries"

Sunday, May 31, 6:03 a.m., the Newfy window alarm goes off...

The Newfy window alarm goes off every morning, contains no snooze button, and isn't reprogrammable on Saturday and Sunday mornings when we would like to sleep in just a little longer...

We ultimately gave in, got dressed, leashed up the boys, and embarked on our morning stroll down Orange Avenue to Starbucks.

On the way home, we walked by Spreckles Park and noticed our Jacaranda tree had dropped a soft blanket of purple blossoms. The near-empty park looked so peaceful while all the tourists and Zonies slept in...

Accepting this impromptu photo opportunity, we hurried our pace home and packed up some props - picnic table and basket, tablecloth, wine glasses, lantern, and plates and utensils. We grabbed the camera and ladder and piled into big ugly for the 4 block drive to the park. John wanted the ladder to get a better angle from above. Doesn't it look nice? Perfect for a breakfast picnic at 6:34 a.m.

We spent the rest of our Sunday cooking, as we love to do, the day of Concert in the Park.

My two prior posts today, Baci di Dama cookies and Mario's Pork Foam with Cherry Sauce, detail my creations for Challenge Cherries. Here are the plated versions at the Park...

John prepared Cherry-Chipolte Braised Short Ribs

Chef Kai prepared Pork Ribs with Chipolte-Cherry Glaze

New chefs, Alec and Nina, presented Chicken with Cherry Sauce.

Pammy's Cous Cous with dried cherries, cucumber, carrots and pine nuts, complemented the ribs and chicken nicely

Bradley's Vanilla Vodka & Cherry Lemonade cocktail was refreshing and delicious

Cherry desserts runneth over...

Alec and Nina truly impressed with Cherry Bliss Bars

Additional sweets included Sandra's Peanut Butter and Cherry Jam on toasted, buttered, baguettes; Madeleine's Triple Chocolate Brownies with Whipped Cream and fresh Cherries; and Mr. Coronado's Cherry Pie.

Max thoroughly enjoyed the desserts!

Thank you for another successful culinary challenge.

Time to get ready for Challenge Spanish Tapas!


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