Sunday, June 14, 2009

Gyoza - June Daring Cooks' Challenge

I recently joined The Daring Kitchen, as a Daring Cook, and this is my first Challenge. The Daring Cooks' June Challenge is hosted by Jen, of Use Real Butter.

For the Challenge, Jen chose Chinese dumplings/potstickers (aka gyoza in Japanese). This was her introduction: "It's a basic concept: a filling inside a dough wrapper, sealed, and cooked. This delicious theme runs through many cultures and is among the more popular bites at Chinese restaurants - especially dim sum. The recipe I provide is based on my family recipe. There is a lot of wiggle room and I encourage you to explore. If you've made them before - great! Now try something different!"

Since this was my first experience making potstickers/gyoza (other than my clandestine test round a few weeks ago for Concert in the Park), I decided to stick with Jen's family recipe for Shrimp Potstickers, but will definitely explore with different fillings in the future.

I was very pleased with my Shrimp Gyoza. For the dipping sauce, I made Martin Yan's spicy dipping sauce.

A few featured ingredients...fresh shrimp

green onions...

Ground pork, shrimp, water chestnuts, green onion, ginger, cornstarch, sesame oil, salt, and white pepper. All of these ingredients are combined in a bowl and then covered and refrigerated until ready to use.
Very good, that wasn't so tough. Let's celebrate with a little saké break...John and I like Nigori saké.

Now for the challenging part, homemade skins/wrappers. I used the food processor method to prepare the dough. I also doubled the dough recipe, as suggested, for the amount of filling. I separated the dough into two balls, covered, and let rest.

Each ball is separated into four pieces, each piece is rolled out into a log, and each log is cut into smaller pieces.

Each piece is flattened into a disk and thinly rolled out into a circle, approximately 4" in diameter.

A small amount of filling is placed in the center of the circle.

Forming the gyoza takes a little practice, but you will catch on quickly. However, if you start to stress and/or exhibit the slightest sign of irritability, simply pour yourself another glass of saké.

And everything will turn out just fine, I promise!

Drizzle some oil into the pan, let it heat up, and add the gyoza. Let them brown a few minutes.

Then cover and steam until cooked.

After the water has evaporated, uncover the pan and lovingly admire your beautifully browned, steamed gyoza .

Pour another glass of saké deserve it, and enjoy your exquisite dumplings with spicy dipping sauce!

Thank you, Jen! That was a fun Challenge. We truly love Use Real Butter and your beautiful photography. Dooley sends Newfy greetings to Kaweah.


Anula said...

Beautiful photos and what a great looking dumplings. Bet they were delicious too :)

Lisa Michelle said...

Gorgeous dumplings..I did a shrimp filling also, along with the pork,but I must say, yours are amazing looking, not to mention mouth watering! Great job!!

Heather B said...

Great job! Your dumplings look so delicious! Love your pics!

dandelion said...

I love Sake and you didn't even call me :(. Mmmm dumplings look so rich and delicious.

Mary said...

Your dumplings and photos are beautil Well done!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the Newfie TONGUE. I used to have a Newfie, and oh do I remember that tongue hanging out and drooling all over the place lol!!!

your potstickers are great, and I love your step by step photos!

I have a sake set, and sake, but have not tried it. I think you've inspired me to pour myself a glass!

Isolated Foodie said...

Beautiful potstickers, beautiful dog, and a delicious dinner -- what could be better? Oh, yeah -- those plates! Gorgeous!

isa said...

Love your step-by-step photos.
Your dumplings look so delicious! Nice job!

Lis said...

hahaha! I am still giggling over the sake comments. :D

Your photos are amazing and your potstickers look SO DAMN GOOD!

And finally.. Must. Hug. Dooley. Could he be any cuter??


Audax said...

saké saké only two I think that I would of had three maybe four. Just love the colour and the prawn filling sounds to die for. Cheers

Anonymous said...

Not only do your potstickers look outstanding, you also nailed the photos. I have some serious dish envy. Digging on the hammered copper. Beautiful blog.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures - your dumplings look wonderful. And oh, your dog! *gueshes happily*

Margie said...

Amazing photos and really delicious looking potstickers. Next time, I'll remember your advice about the stress-busting sake.

Valérie said...

I love your pictures! Your dumplings are perfectly shaped, bravo!

I also had mine with saké... There's nothing like it!

Megan said...

Congrats on your first challenge! Your pictures are beautiful, and your pleats are perfect!

Megan{Feasting on Art} said...

The spicy dipping sauce sound so good. Mine was a bit spicy from the wasabi but I will have to try your version next time!

Kathlyn said...

Love your dumplings and love the photography (and the sake!). Thanks for posting the dipping sauce recipe - we will be giving it a try with the next round of pot stickers (which will happen sooner rather than later if I have anything to say about it).

Thanks for the great post - will be back for more next month! Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Wow, your photos and dumplings look so beautiful and authentic! What a great job you did!

Jen Yu said...

Awww! Dooley is SUCH a cutie! Thanks for the puppy love :) By the way, love your sake breaks and I have to say you cranked out some lovely lovely dumplings. I mean, they are perfectly pleated. Go you!! :)

Rose said...

Great job! Congrats on your first DC!

Mmmmmmm unfiltered sake is YUMMY!

Anonymous said...

can you recommend a pork substitute? i'm not really a pork fan.